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If the Injustice 2 Cheats ¬†loot made you turn your head, know that NetherRealm and Warner Bros. Have just announced a surprise for the release of Patty Jenkins’ movie Wonder Woman. It is indeed possible now and until June 5 to recover the costume of Diana of the film in order to put mandates with class.

You will have to go into the Multiverse mode in which a special event has been set up and will ask you to overcome enemies to unlock the complete outfit. If you’re not convinced, here’s a video that may change your mind. Perhaps.


This test will have taken its time and completes the first impressions of my companion Zeppeli. There may be a repeat but after dozens of hours of potatoes and intensive exchanged the critical eye is a bit more lively.

The cross media has a beautiful day in front of him and the franchise Injustice has managed the feat of federating several public not necessarily customary fighting game. In France we are rather Japanese school with these players who put you miser on Street Fighter V or King of Fighters XIV. But Injustice is something else. It is NetherRealm, ex Midway Games, founded and still run by the dashing Ed Boon legend known for the saga Mortal Kombat. It is the side of the fighting game that is discussed with his detractors but if Injustice first name knew how to capture the attention of the public after a very good MK9, what about his suite?

An entry in the most successful: a gameplay that unlocks

From the beginning of the game by launching the solo mode a well thought-out tutorial is offered to you. From the simple understanding of what can be an overhead, a chopper, to more complex things like cancel or combo extensions one can say that there will be matter to work with. Do not worry if these anglicisms tell you nothing this first tutorial is there for you.

The gameplay of the game is much richer than that of its predecessor. It is always based on 4 main buttons: low / medium / strong and super-power inherent to the character you are playing. An extra button for interactions and to “burn” the super bar and the wager and you are trimmed. It is also spectacular with its transitions of arenas (a little more difficult to realize because they have to be unearthed) and its interactions better managed or with special shots that often pay tribute to scenes of film this time. The interactions reveal elements of the highlighted decors, a subtle visual index which also forces to know well the levels, it is well seen and less snappy.

We also understand by watching the tutorials specific to each of the 29 characters that we are moving towards a game resolutely “easy to play, hard to master”, as we usually say in gamers. In other words, the layperson who does a bit of anything will have fun quickly without having to as in a game arc system works spend 20h in training to understand a system well thought out but very complex. Injustice does not want to compete with this, it does not have this pretension but remains pruned for the versus, with a game that rests a lot on the juggle ie to send his opponent in the air and chain him up before He retouches the ground.

In fact it will be quite complex to master Dr. Fate quickly and we immediately feel that the game is unbalanced but much less than the first. Batman, Aquaman and why not Harley Quinn will be easily taken care of, finally equipped with a nice gameplay. Since we talk about characters mention this policy of DLC which will make it cringe more than one with its season pass to 40 balls and the scam that represented the ultimate edition to 110 euros all the same. At least the game comes out finished and with a real story mode, if so. But the whole thing is distressing in addition to the micro-transaction for multiverse mode. Nothing is gone.