Homescapes Developer Playrix Sends New Titles Into The Soft-Launch

Game Developer Playrix has been a successful game since its inception. The company was probably known by the match-3 game Homescapes. Now Playrix sends another of its kind in the soft launch. Homescapes can be tried in Canada recently.

Playrix may not be a concept for everyone, but the games are quite successful. Recently, Playrix attracted attention with Gardenscapes in the App Stores. The one-time short hidden object game, in which you re-create an abandoned old garden around a former mansion, was brought to the stores as a Match-3-Game. The success speaks for itself. Millions are rebuilding the grounds with Austin and they are shaping their hearts.

It is hardly surprising that the developer now has a second game under the Scapes flag at the start. Homescapes hack went into Canada and currently exclusively for iOS in the soft launch. Homescapes also uses the highly successful Match-3 principle, which is not easy to kill. Only here one does not build up blossoming landscapes, but becomes an interior decorator. Also the sympathetic main character Austin is again with it.



We help him to restore the villa. Again, this happens again through the exchange of downsized objects with great new decoration and objects, walls and floors, which you get in the Match-3-Game. This is characterized by great boosters and fiery combinations, with which one reaches the goal faster. In Homescapes, too, Playrix relies on many of the narrative elements that make us travel together with Austin through his world and experiences.

Playrix was founded in 2004 and employs more than 450 people worldwide. In addition to Gardenscapes in its first version and the Match-3 Gardenscapes, the game developer is well-known for games such as Township or Fishdom. 2016, Gardenscapes became the Facebook game of the year.

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