Yu Gi Oh Duel Links & Attacking Styles 2017

As the start of the guide of the Yu Gi OH Duel Links, we will be talking about the rules and different attacking styles at the game and how it works at the duels.

When your monster has much higher attacking power than the opponent, then the difference in the attack power will be deducted from your enemy`s life points as damage, and that is why you need to keep using the Yu Gi OH Duel Links hack so you could always get and summon strong cards into the duel battle field, that is how you are going to win battles and turn the tables upside on the opponent.

Rules for The Main Deck.

As anything else, the game has it is own rules and settings to be modified and edited, but as you are just a player you need to learn them so you could adapt to the different situations you are getting yourself into, let’s start with the rules of the first thing we got here which is.

Main Deck: it can carry between 20 to 31 cards depending on your own preference so, so make sure you putting the best combination den the strongest line up for cards together in the same pocket.

It can also be containing many different types of cards, such as normal and monster and effect monster cards, traps, there are many types of cards in the game and each one can be used depending on the different situation and position that is being happening around, and you can also have up to 3 cards with the same tag over them in your main deck without any problems you going to face, it is totally tested and secured, and to get them cards you should be aiming at using the Yu Gi OH Duel Links cheats freely so you could be having your back covered with enough amount of gold and gems so you can be purchasing whatever you would like to.


Keep Your Secret Monsters at The Extra Deck.

And now we will be moving to the extra deck part, and give you explanation of how to use it properly and the rules of the usage of the Extra deck section.

Extra Deck: it consists of 0 to 5 cards, you can put whatever you want there depending on the duel you are entering type, and remember that monster cards that require special powers to be summoned successfully as the fusion mobs, are placed in and waiting for you at the Extra deck, so this is a very strict place that holds very scary monsters. The same 3 cards with the same tag rule still applies here as well, so that is something you could be taking advantage of it, but don’t forget getting Yu Gi OH Duel Links Hack to help you on your journey of the game and improvement of the game so far.

Enjoy Playing Within the Tons of Awesome Available Chapters “CSYP”

Downloading the game right away on your Android or IOS device for free, and get your version of the game that has completely every single feature enabled, but you can get extra chapters and progress further in the game using the received Diamonds and keys, read the full article for extra help.

Check On the Unlocked Achievements.

The game has many useful features and options that you could be benefiting from, and to access most of these features you got to be able to realize the difference them and know the most interesting parts there to use for your own goodness, and now let’s start right here right now with the Achievements, the game has tons of challenges to keep you playing and hooked up into the game, but here comes a whole new story which is considered to be an awesome and addictive feature of the game which is the achievements.

playing the game and following up certain goals to achieve and complete adds a taste and meaning to the play time, and each of course as expected each completed achievement successfully will result in giving you Awesome rewards in return, but of course these rewards are not your target at the moment since once you start using the Choices Stories You Play cheats, you should be feeling satisfied enough with the amount of the given Diamonds and keys, so you can simply start unlocking every single feature of the game and chapter using them resources without a limit.

And more thing to mention here, which is that the game has 23 achievements at the moment, but they will start to grow bigger and larger as you proceed in the game so far, and they are not alike, each one has a different goal and different purpose to keep you proceeding in a certain way, some will ask you get a certain amount of experience at a mission in order to complete it, and some more will be there asking for completing few chapters in a row, some people might find these challenges hard, but I find them competitive and much more fun to use and enjoy them to be fair enough, especially with the help of Choices Stories You Play hack.

Climb Your Way to The Top of the Leaderboards.

Second thing we got here has got to be the leaderboards, and listen closely my friend, this leaderboards option is like the best option or will become the most visited setting you got there in your account, because once you use the Choices Stories You Play hack, you should be having unlimited number of resources and that is going to allow you to compete with the top tier players of the game at the highest ranks, so completing the game missions and chapters are no longer your goal here, you should be aiming at something actually much higher and better.

The leaderboard gets updated frequently and it doesn’t take that much to update each one scores and latest updates to the game, so keep refreshing to see your name jumping right on the top there.

Quick Tricks to Keep Popping UP Throughout the Game.

Here are around few tips over about the diversion, they will give you the unmistakable vision you have been searching for up until now, the summoning part will be the principal thing we are beginning to specify here at this article, so we should run with the principle tip that you have come here looking for the more spheres you will use to summon saints implies that the further you get in the summoning procedure will brings about less circles use! So more legends and less circles devoured! In any case, as we assume you are a client of the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack so the spheres number is not going be a major component for you, continue onward and proceed onward with the amusement, recall that all the saints got at the summoning procedure, are altogether drawn and altered by popular craftsmen from everywhere throughout the world, they came here at this diversion to share their insight and experience of making movement characters, every legend has a story behind him so read it painstakingly to comprehend his upsides and downsides at the war zone, utilize the Fire Emblem Heroes tricks to have additional legends for nothing.


Get Your Weapon In your Hands And Stay Ready

As we have specified over the toxophilite do assume an indispensable part in the fights, however they are by all account not the only ones, there are numerous other overcome and vital saints that you ought to consider to include into your line up, for example,

The Sword Fighters: they are exceptionally solid against the mystical aggressors or bowmen, as they will bargain server harm to them more than any other individual, and furthermore their physical barrier is very high, they can tank a great deal of harm approaching out at you from different foes, yet at the same time his principle shortcoming is the enchanted assaults, any one ran or has supernatural assault will bargain gigantic harm to them, so be cautious and outfit them with the most grounded riggings out there utilizing the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack circles, and Moe forward towards the triumph and only the triumph should bring you back home.


Challenging Duels:

May your blood cross my sharp edge! The diversion duel field, it is that enormous place where the players from everywhere throughout the world get together to begin testing each other’s and hotshot their abilities, they play In this specific mode to demonstrate what they are really method of, you can likewise ensure that you are not losing a solitary duel by utilizing the Fire Emblem Heroes cheats and paying a little visit to the in amusement shop and begin buy the most recent accessible apparatuses to expand the legend safeguard and assault, additionally the duels you will acknowledge will get to be as adjusted as conceivable to your expertise level, similar to you will never get coordinated with somebody level 100 while you are level 1 still, so confide in the amusement matchmaking framework and appreciate the diversion while it keeps going, and absolutely always remember the Fire Emblem Heroes tricks, your principle wellspring of satisfaction and huge amounts of assets.